【HV301】Pressurized Fluid Pumps

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Key Features

HV301 45:1 HIGH VISCOSITY FLUID PUMP                                                       


1.Pump moves and oil suction are two separation system, it won’t   contaminating grease. 

2.The special design of the follow plate is for the container with taper.(drum inner dimension Ø265~Ø300). 

3.Typically used in workshops, service stations, fleet maintenance, mining, agriculture, armed forces, construction, trains, etc. 

4.Adopting the pressure design of additional air cylinder makes the stiff grease easier to be sucked 

5.Suitable for original 5 gallon grease drum from every country.  

6.The pump is made of aluminum alloy by forging. 

Grease usage

1.Available for normal 00#~3# grease. For special grease please contact with us.HV301.jpgHV.jpg.jpg

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