【H30-O】Hand Operated Oil Pump

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Key Features



  1. The barrel body is made of high-grade steel plate. It came to become even durable and robust after being made manually.
  2. Inside diameter(ID) of barrel is 350mm. The inside height of barrel is 430mm. It can contain 5 gallons of barrel packed grease from all nations around the world.
  3. Suitable for all sorts of machinery, vehicles, airplanes, ships, etc. The efficient instrument for infusing grease powerfully for lubrication & maintenance purpose.
  4. 5 gallons barrel-packed oil can be poured inside straight. This for sure will save the trouble of refilling all the times. Besides, this can apply to 30liters of oil (in bulk) straight.

Oil usage

  1. Suitable for lubricant oil, gear oil or general non-corrosive solvent: all can be infused into smoothly.
  2. If you want to know how much added oil volume is, we suggest you buy flow meter extra.(Model:P-002,P-002NTE and P-002AE,There’s got three types for your option.)


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