【A85-O】Air Operated Oil Pump

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  1. To Suit all 50 gallons originally packed oil barrel of all the brands from the countries all over the world. The flow volume is big. The operation is quite easy to undertake.
  2. Suitable for all sorts of machinery, vehicles, airplanes, ships, etc. The efficient instrument for infusing grease powerfully for lubrication & maintenance purpose.
  3. Special regulator device makes oil come out more smoothly . Oil gun of new type is equipped, and the muzzle is equipped with non-dripping device.
  4. Pump of separate type: utilize the principle of liquid getting pumped & driven by air compressor to draw in liquid. There are two independent 7 separate cycle systems of pump out there, which prevents air-compressor-exhaust moisture from getting to the grease inside the barrel and deteriorating its quality.

Oil usage:

  1. Suitable to pump 140#~200# gear oil or general non-corrosive solvent.
  2. If you want know how much added oil volume is, we suggest you buy flow meter extra. (model:P-002, P-002NTE and P-002AE, There's got three types for your option.)
  3. When it comes to wider work place, and pipe shall be extended to much farther site. we'd suggest hoisting device be purchased extra.(Model: HRO9081)


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